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When a student drops my course in Banner (MyCCC), what happens in my Canvas course?

When a student is dropped in Banner (MyCCC), the student’s enrollment status in Canvas is changed from active to inactive. Using the inactive status in Canvas will allow instructors to still access data regarding the student’s activity in their Canvas course. Instructors can then use this data to help them determine the “last date of attendance.” See Dropped Students in Canvas (PDF) for more details.

If your official roster in MyCCC does not match the People list in Canvas, please submit a Canvas help request by sending an email to (include your course ID, CRN, student’s full name, and student’s ID#).

I have a course in my free for teacher instance of Canvas and I want to get it in a course that is in Coastline’s instance of Canvas. How do I do that?

In the free for teacher instance of Canvas, export the course and save the file to your computer. In the Coastline instance of Canvas, import the course into an empty course shell.  The import source would be Canvas Course Export Package.  Search the Canvas Guides for more information.

How do I import the Coastline Online Course Template into my Canvas course shell?

Refer to the instructions: Importing the Online Course Template (PDF)

How do I request additional Canvas course shells?

If you would like an empty Canvas course shell, please submit a Canvas Help Request by sending an email to

How do I submit a Canvas Help Request?

Send an email to You can also attach files to the email, so if a screen shot would help explain what’s going on, please attach that to the email.

What is the process to copy a course from one instructor to another?

The owner of the Canvas course can export their course and give the file to the other instructor.  Then the file can be used to import into the other instructor’s course.  The import source would be Canvas Course Export Package.  Search the Canvas Guides for more information.

I’d like some training on Canvas, what do I do?

Contact the Faculty Success Center

How do I import my Seaport quizzes into Canvas?

After exporting your quizzes from Seaport, follow the instructions in Importing your quizzes into Canvas

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