Accessibility Resources 2


The resources below range from extremely basic to extremely complex. You’ll have to decide what your specific need is. If you can’t find an answer here, please call Mark Worden at extension 16763.

Powerful Videos

View Lana’s Story to understand how important accessibility is to our students

Understanding Assistive Technology For The Blind. JAWS For Windows And College

Short Lessons

At the links below you will find short (4 – 7 minute) lessons in Accessibility.

Introduction to Basic Accessibility (5 minutes)

A Short Lesson about the Styles Toolbar (7 minutes)

All About ALT Tags

A guide to correctly using ALT tags in your images.

What About ALT Tags?

An Explanation of How You Correctly Use ALT Tags

Distance Education Accessibility Guidelines for Students with Disabilities

A comprehensive guide to the regulations and guidelines from the Distance Education Accessibility Guidelines Task Force, California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office.

Distance Education Accessibility Guidelines

High Tech Center Training Unit

Training and support for California community college faculty to improve teaching skills, methodologies, and pedagogy in Web Accessibility and Assistive Computer Technology.

High Tech Center Training


Resources to help faculty, administrators, and web developers obtain the knowledge, skills, and tools to make web contents accessible for people with disabilities.


Producing Accessible Documents

SSA Accessibility Best Practices Library

The entire guide from the Social Security Administration on producing accessible documents in both Word and PDF’s.

Producing Accessible Documents

Example of an Accessible Document

Example of an Accessible Document

A Short Course in Creating Accessible PDFs

A Short Course in Creating Accessible PDFs

Ensure your PDF is Accessible

Ensure your PDF is Accessible

Create an Accessible PDF

Creating an Accessible PDF (Adobe video)

Creating Accessible Web Presentations from PowerPoint

Create an Accessible PowerPoint

Making a PowerPoint Accessible

Making a PowerPoint Accessible

Accessibility Cheatsheets

Below you will find several single page cheatsheets that are designed to quickly and simply describe how to make specific document types accessible. These are provided by The National Center on Disability and Access to Education (NCDAE).

Accessibility Checklists

Below you will find several checklists that are designed to allow you to quickly and simply verify that your documents are accessible. If you can answer yes to each and every question, then your document is accessible.

Captioning YouTube Video

Captions and Subtitles on YouTube

Quick Accessibility Guide for Canvas

Below you will find an overview of accessibility issues and how to solve them in Canvas.

Quick Accessibility Guide for Canvas